Buy Phentermine Without Prescription — Can You?

Can you buy phentermine without prescription?

The answer is: Yes and No.

In the United States, you cannot buy phentermine without prescription from pharmacies. Phentermine is a prescription drug.

But the good news is — you CAN buy phentermine375 without prescription.


Phentermine375 is NOT phentermine 37.5 (ie phentermine 37.5mg), although the two names are very deceptively similar. (Click here to learn more about phentermine375)

First, let’s consider why you cannot buy phentermine 37.5 without prescription.

Phentermine is a prescription drug. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant to treat obesity (excessively overweight).

There are quite a few difficult and dangerous phentermine side effects, including:

(a) Long-term addiction to the drug. This is why phentermine is meant for only short term use.

(b) Pulmonary hypertension – a potentially fatal lung disease.

(c) Phentermine’s effectiveness tends to decline within a few weeks. The user may thus be tempted to take increased doses without a physician’s monitoring.

(d) It is potentially harmful to people who are diabetic, have high blood pressure, glaucoma, or heart disease.

(d) Insomnia, headache, nervousness, lack of sex drive, diarrhea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a dry, bad taste in the mouth are the most common phentermine side effects.

These problems make physicians discourage patients from buying phentermine without prescription. They will only prescribe it for patients whose obesity puts them at risk for developing medical problems. Otherwise, buying phentermine without prescription is not generally advisable.

People who wanted to lose perhaps up to 20 pounds or so searched for a safe, side-effect-free alternative to phentermine without prescription. Various products entered the over-the-counter market, but disappeared quickly because they were not effective.

In 2009, a new and different product began to sweep the market as a giant seller because of its safety and proven track record in weight loss: Phentemine375! The names Phentermine375 and Phentermine 37.5 only look alike, but they are actually very different. (Click here to see the power of phentermine375.)

Phentermine375 possesses the following superior qualities:

(1) Phentermine375 contains NO phentermine

(2) It is NOT a prescription drug, and so you can buy phentermine375 without prescription.

(3) It has NO amphetamine-like side effects. It is completely safe, and 100% legal.

(4) It is a powerful weight loss supplement; similar in action to phentermine in these areas.

Phentermine375 is an extremely effective appetite suppressant and fat-burner that raises your body’s metabolism. While it breaks down fat, it doesn’t burn muscle tissue – a problem commonly caused by other over-the-counter weight loss products

Phentermine375 has shown tremendous weight loss results when users combine it with a proper diet, lots of water, and daily exercise. Weight loss seekers no longer need to exercise iron willpower because of its successful appetite suppression and elimination of food cravings. Using Phentermine375, you can burn fat and lose weight more quickly and more easily than ever before!

It is little wonder that Phentermine375 has attracted a large number of users.

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